Hmm… Now where was I?


Back in the autumn I decided to revive one of my long forgotten skills and make my lovely granddaughter a traditional smocked dress. When my children were small I used to make lots of smocked dresses, romper suits etc, but I haven’t done any for years. However, I searched the internet until I found exactly the kind of pattern I wanted, bought all the fabric and other bits and pieces, and made a start. 

I found that once I got going, I remembered how to do the smocking quite well, and I really enjoyed myself. I was very pleased with the result.



However, I didn’t have time to make the dress up before I headed off to The Gambia in early December, so I packed everything away carefully in a bag, ready to work on it when I got back. Yesterday I dragged it all out, and tried to get myself organised ready for completing the dress. As you can see, it took me a while to work out what all the pieces were and what needed to happen next. Well, I am clearly out of practice, because it took me three attempts to make up the piping detail with cord and bias strips! Then I tried to make up the bodice, which admittedly was a bit tricky with the piping added, but after my first attempt the piping covered some of the smocking. I carefully removed the stitches and tried again, but this time I caught some of the bodice material into the seam. It was too late to do any more, so called a halt, and I hope to get back to it later today. I will keep you updated on my ‘Works in Progress’ page!

I’m sure everyone is used to things going wrong during a project, and it’s certainly not my first time. I remember stitching something to my skirt once! Still, I love dressmaking, and I know I will be pleased when the dress is finished.

2 comments on “Hmm… Now where was I?

  1. wow, amazing piece of smocked dress.. I love to watch your WIP.. Hopefully I can pick up some learning tips from you… Have a fab weekend ahead.. 😉

    • Thank you Wisher. I am in a hurry to get this dress finished for my granddaughter’s birthday, but maybe I’ll try something else with smocking, and put up some tips.

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