Wow – A Liebster Blog Award!



Stitches ‘N’ Dreams has been nominated for a Liebster Blog Award! This award is given by bloggers to blogs with less than 200 followers. I think this is a great way to encourage those with fewer followers, as it may help them to gain some more readers.

Firstly, thank you to ‘Wisher’, who nominated my blog for this award – she has a lovely blog called ‘Pretty Little Things in a Box‘, which has all kinds of fascinating posts, especially some posts about how to recycle and upcycle things to give them a new lease of life.

Now for the rules. I need to put eleven facts about myself, and then answer eleven questions that Wisher has asked. So here goes:

  1. For some months of the year I live in the UK, and the rest of the time I live in The Gambia, helping my husband to run a tourist lodge in the secluded Gambian forest.

  2. I lived in London for many years, but now I live in Devon when I am in the UK.

  3. I am a retired primary school headteacher.

  4. I love music – I play the piano, guitar, and the recorder (I used to play the violin, but you wouldn’t want to hear me now!). I have a music degree, and I love almost every kind of music from 14th century troubadour songs to rock music.

  5. I also love reading – again, almost all kinds of books, ranging from classic fiction (e.g. Jane Austen) to teen fiction (e.g. The Hunger Games). My Kindle is my best friend (apart from my laptop!)

  6. My favourite food is curry – I enjoy cooking and eating it.

  7. I am always trying out new recipes with different ingredients.

  8. I am something of a technology addict – when I pack a suitcase to go away, my technology (e.g. laptop, iPhone, Kindle, iPod etc) and chargers are the first things I pack – if it comes to a choice between technology and clothes, technology wins every time!

  9. One of my hobbies is teabag folding – it’s a bit like miniature origami, making shapes from small squares of patterned paper.

  10. I love travelling off the beaten track. Our home in the Gambia only has solar electricity, all the water comes from a well, and the cooking is done on an open fire. You can read my travel blog at to find out more.

  11. I enjoy photography, especially wildlife photography, and I have plans to combine my crafting and photography one day.

 Now to answer Wisher’s questions:

1. Who inspires you most for your work?

Lots of people inspire me, but I love Thea Dueck’s designs at Victoria Sampler.

2. What/Where are your source of inspiration?

Absolutely everything! I am always taking photos of nature, patterns around me, fabrics or colour themes I like etc. to add to my design portfolio. I am always jotting down ideas for a new project.

3. When do you feel best to craft/write?

Usually in the evenings, as I am often busy with my writing during the day.

4. What are your favourite snacks/ drinks?

I like fruit teas and fruit juices, although I enjoy red wine as well! My favourite snack is cheese and biscuits.

5. Do you have a dream holiday? If yes? where will that be?

I would love to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

6. Name one crazy thing you did the last weekend.

Umm…. I didn’t really do anything crazy over the weekend.

7. What is your favourite book?

Difficult to choose, but I think it has to be ‘Pride & Prejudice’.

8. What is your latest recycling/upcycling project?

This is a project still at the planning stage, but I plan to use some scraps of material for a patchwork project – maybe some patchwork bags as Christmas gifts? (I like to plan ahead!)

9. Champagne or cider?


10. If you can live in one place, where will that be?

The Gambia (if I could take my British family with me!)

11. What is your favourite type of medium you use for crafting?

Needlecraft – especially blackwork and cross stitch. 

Next I am supposed to nominate some blogs myself to receive an award. But as I’ve only been running my craft blog for a very few weeks, I think I need a bit more time to look around and find some other blogs, so I will wait a while before making any nominations.

2 comments on “Wow – A Liebster Blog Award!

  1. I love your travel blog.. will bookmark it so i can learn something new from you.. wow.. I’ve never been to this is really interesting for me to learn.. 😉

  2. Thank you Wisher. I will be adding a couple of updates to the travel blog about my last few days in The Gambia before coming back to the UK, but then it will be a bit quiet on there until I get back (probably in August).

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