Look what the postman brought!

My post is usually consists of very boring things such as bills and bank statements, but today was different. Today, the postman put a very exciting package through my door – a padded envelope all the way from Singapore!! It had some very beautiful stamps on it, and I felt excited as I opened it. And this is what I found:


As you can see, inside there was a home-made stand with some fruit tea bags, a lovely card, and a special spoon with ‘Singapore’ on it. This was a lovely present from Angela, (also known as ‘Wisher’), who has a fascinating blog called ‘Pretty Little Things in a Box‘. If you haven’t yet visited it, why not pop over and have a look, as there is always something interesting going on. A little while ago she ran a giveaway for some fruit tea bags, and that’s why my postbox this morning was much more exciting than usual! I am almost reluctant to use the bags, as the holder is so pretty, and they smell so delicious, so I think I will keep them for a few more days and admire them. Thanks to Angela for running her giveaway, and posting the teabags such a long way. It definitely brightened up my day.

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