And a matching scissors keep…


A few days ago I posted my first tutorial, a crochet roll that I made as a present for my daughter who has just started crocheting. I also bought her some crochet hooks and a small pair of scissors. Well, that inspired me to think about making a little addition to her collection, and I decided to make her a scissors keep. I had seen the perfect pattern some time ago, and even better…. the pattern was free! So I downloaded the pattern and stitched the two sides. It was only small, so it didn’t take too long to stitch, and then it had to be mounted.

Following the instructions on the pattern I cut some lining fabric and two circles of mounting board, I then glued the lining fabric and stitching to the two circles of board, and then glued them together. But I needed some braiding to go around the outside to ‘attach’ to the scissors to the keep.

A while ago I went to a stitching exhibition, and bought myself a small braiding disc. I’ve never tried making braid before, and this seemed the perfect opportunity, so I rummaged around to find the kit (I wish I was more organised about where I keep things!), and looked at the instructions to see how to make the braid, using matching embroidery thread. I must admit I hadn’t realised I would need so much thread – the threads need to be at least double the length of the finished braid, and you also need a core thread to wrap the other threads around. These are mounted on the braiding disc, and then you have to move the threads around the disc in order, so that they weave around each other. (It’s a bit difficult to describe, so maybe I’ll try and put up more photos and information another time!).


I seemed to spend a lot of time untangling the threads as I worked, and it took much longer than I expected, but eventually I ended up with a rather pretty braid that matched the embroidery on the scissors keep.


I then stitched the braid to the embroidered discs, to make a lovely little scissors keep. On one side there was a tiny butterfly and my daughter’s name:


And on the other side was a hardanger motif that uses some withdrawn thread techniques. I adapted the pattern slightly and added a pearl bead for a bit of extra glamour!


My daughter is here visiting for the weekend, and we’re planning a bit of a craft-fest later I think.

This free pattern is from Victoria Sampler – there are lots of lovely free patterns on this page, so if you like miniature needlework projects, as I do, then why not take a look? If you want to try the scissors keep, you can find the pattern here.

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