The holiday is over! Getting back to normal.

My poor blog has been sadly neglected these last three weeks, as I’ve been so busy whizzing about visiting friends and family. And I haven’t has a lot of time for crafting either, but I’m not complaining as being with my lovely grandchildren is definitely not to be missed! Apologies to those of you who have left comments – I will reply to them very soon, but I thought I would give you a taste of some of the things I have been doing. I know this is really supposed to be a craft blog, but I think it’s a good idea to make a change occasionally!

For my birthday I went on a falconry day, where we were able to handle and fly some amazing birds of prey! I have always wanted to do this, and it was wonderful to get up close to so many beautiful birds, and get a chance to fly them.

IMG_5995 copy

IMG_6003 copy

However, it was very hot, so the birds had to be sprayed with water to keep them cool – they loved it! By the afternoon it was too hot for the birds to fly, so we were given a voucher for another day. We went back this week, and this time we were able to fly an eagle.

I am a keen athletics fan, so a visit to the Olympic Stadium for the Anniversary Games was a real treat. Got to see many of my favourite athletes in competition, including Usain Bolt and Christine Ohuruogu. My (then ) two-year old granddaughter and I cheered Mo Farah all the way round his 5K race in the Olympics, so we were looking forward to doing the same here, but sadly she fell asleep, and slept right through all the screaming and cheering! But it was a great family day out, and we did wonder whether there were any other families there who had four generations together enjoying the athletics.

IMG_6420 copy
IMG_7086 copy

IMG_6527 copy

IMG_6515 copy

I spent time with my daughter, who now lives close to where I grew up in London. When I loved there, the area by the Thames was lined with derelict factories, and was very run down. But now it’s been regenerated.


The Thames Path is lovely, and we went for some great walks – we even found a few geocaches.


We discovered this amazing bird village in a small garden in Chelsea.

I caught up with old friend – we had a ‘Les Mis’ evening when we watched the DVD with a bottle of wine.

I also visited my brother in Hertfordshire.

IMG_1242We took his classic car to a car show (it’s a Ford Mark I Escort for those of you that know about cars!)

IMG_7212 copyWe visited a Victorian School museum

IMG_7461 copyWe spent a day at Cambridge

IMG_7373 copyWe caught lots of beautiful moths in his moth trap (for more photos see here)

IMG_7277 copy

IMG_7297 copy

IMG_7314 copyAnd we visited a wonderful nature reserve.

I also visited another nature reserve, where I saw some stunning butterflies.



We went back for an evening visit here to see bats and moths, but sadly it was too dark to take photos.


I took my granddaughter out to Battersea Park, where she wore herself out at the children’s zoo and in the play park, and also spent some time with my grandson. I went to my son’s housewarming party – he and his partner have just bought their first flat, but the main reason for going to London was for my grandson’s christening. However, that has been postponed as the children developed chicken pox.

So now I am home again – I think I need a rest really, but I’ve been busy catching up with all kinds of things, and of course, getting back to work. I have managed to do a little crafting, and my tatting is coming on nicely, so next time I will share something properly ‘crafty’ with you.

I hope you are all enjoying your summer as much as I am!

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