Tatted doily

Some proper tatting at last!

Even though I’ve been quite busy over the last few weeks, I have been determined to make progress with my tatting, and although I say it myself, I am really pleased.

This is my first attempt at a doily, using the variegated thread I treated myself to a while back (or ‘backalong’ as they say here in Devon). Now the eagle-eyed experts tatters among you had better not look too closely, because there are a few mistakes, (which are not too difficult to spot actually!), but I am still very pleased to have finally finished a larger piece of tatting. This is a free pattern, which you can find here.

As a total beginner, I must admit I’m having a few problems reading patterns. Some are not very helpful, and they don’t tell you if you need to use one shuttle or two; I am beginning to be able to judge it a little, but I’m still making a lot of false starts. I’ve also found that even if a pattern says you only need one shuttle, if it has rings and chains, I can’t manage to tighten the stitches as I need to, but I’ve sometimes been able to solve this by using two shuttles anyway. Maybe some of the lovely tatters who have left me such encouragement could give me some advice?

I am really keen to start adding beads to my tatting (if you’ve seen some of my other posts you’ll know I’ve got a weakness for beads!), but every time I find a pattern that I think will do, I realise there is another technique for me to learn before I can tackle it. So far I’ve learnt to do rings (the little circles), chains, picots (the tiny loops), Josephine knots (very small rings), and I’m currently trying to get to grips with split rings. :S It’s certainly a challenge! But I’m determined not to give up!


So I’ve had a go at these earrings, and although they’re a bit uneven, I think they will mount up quite well.

Over the weekend I was glued to the last couple of days of the World Athletics Championships in Moscow. So as well as yelling our team on (it’s actually quite embarrassing to watch when I get excited!), I thought I would tackle a larger pattern, and so I had a go at making a cross.

Tatted crossThis was  my biggest challenge to date, as it uses two different colours, and I must admit I got in a terrible muddle trying to follow the pattern. In the end I resorted to trying to work out the stitches from looking at what I’d already done, and examining the photo. I had to take the stitches back several times, and again, there are a few mistakes, but I think I have realised where I went wrong and I’m probably going to do another one now, maybe in different colours. If you want to see the original, which is much neater than mine, or make your own, you can find the pattern here.

I haven’t forgotten my cross stitching – and I will be doing some more very soon, as I’ve got loads of ideas for designs, but it’s ages since I tried a new craft, and I’m really enjoying doing something new, especially as I’ve always wanted to be able to tat. It would be good to hear if anyone out there has tried anything new recently.

Enjoy your crafting!

6 comments on “Some proper tatting at last!

  1. You are doing a lovely job tatting. As for advice about following patterns. I will ask my tatting mentor or a fellow guild member when I get stuck on a pattern. The people who post at intatters.com are also very helpful in helping tatters get unstuck. Also, mistakes tend to add character to a piece and sometimes create something wonderful that you will then intentionally repeat.

    • Thank you for your encouragement! I will definitely try asking for advice when I next get stuck – people have already been very helpful. I will keep persevering, and I am enjoying tatting very much. 🙂

  2. Looking good! It took me three days just to learn how to flip the stitch.

    We all have to go backwards sometimes. I actually found that it helped me understand how things worked – much better than just cutting away a mistake.

    As Shuttlebirds says, it all adds character… 😉

    • Thanks. As you say, sometimes you can learn a lot from having to go backwards, and even though there are some mistakes on the cross, I can see where it went wrong, and I’m beginning to understand some of the design features now. Maybe eventually I’ll be able to do some of my own designs!

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