Tatted bookmark

A proper tatted bookmark

Yay! I have finally managed to complete a larger tatting project. I found the pattern for this lovely bookmark here, and as soon as I saw it I wanted to try and make it. I thought it would look lovely in traditional white rather than using some of the variegated coloured thread I bought a while ago, so I dug around in my crafting hoard and found some crochet cotton I’ve had hidden away for years. I took a deep breath and got started……

Now, as you know, I’m quite new to tatting, and so far I’ve found it much easier to follow  written instructions rather than the chart format (does that make me a visual learner I wonder?).  However, I’m came unstuck several times with this, and now that I’ve got a bit more experience, I think it may be because of some mistakes on the instructions. I did manage to work out what to do by looking at the photos and using what I now know, but I downloaded the pattern and made my own changes to it. I’m not trying to criticise the kind person who designed the pattern and put it up for free for everyone to enjoy, but I’m mentioning it because if any tatters out there decide to give it a try, you may need to be aware of this.

I needed to hunt around for some instructions on how to make the braid to link the bookmark and the little motif together, as this wasn’t included in the instructions. After a bit of ferreting, I found this really helpful link at Paradise Treasures, and now I’m sure I will never be stuck for a braiding idea again.

I haven’t quite decided what to do with this yet. Usually I like giving away what I’ve made to people who appreciate hand-made items, so I’m sure I will find a home for it soon.

I’m now quite busy with a number of other things. I have had quite a few orders for article writing, so I’ve got some deadlines to meet this week. I am only two weeks away from returning to The Gambia (eek!) and I’m busy calculating how much craft stuff I can fit into my suitcase (never mind the clothes – the craft things are much  more important!). I will be away until April next year, so I’ve got some organising to do. Our garden here is now overflowing with apples, crab apples and other fruits, so I’m also trying to make sure we use some of it up before it goes too rotten.

But all work and no play makes me a dull girl, so a few days ago I took advantage of the sun, and spent some ‘down time’ in the garden with my camera. I have got quite interested in macro photography since buying some cheap macro lenses a while ago, so I decided to get up close and personal with some wildlife. (Actually, I got too up close and personal to a wasp this week, and got stung! Ouch!).

I’ve included a couple of photos so you can see how I got on.

Hawthorn berriesSome Hawthorn berries

ApplesA bumper crop of apples

Fibonacci spirals on a sunflowerCheck out the Fibonacci spirals on this sunflower. I have a weakness for Fibonacci  patterns in nature – I think it’s truly amazing!

Dew drops in a spider's web

Morning dew drops on a tiny spider’s web only a couple of inches across. It reminded of a song I used to sing in school ‘ Raindrops are our diamonds, and the morning dew…’. Far too sentimental to be sung these days, but nice to remember. If it brings back memories, you can find the words here. You”d need to scroll down to find it.

If you want to see some more of my photos, check out my Pinterest board, or my Flickr set.

I have enjoyed reading what other crafters are up to at the moment – not all of it craft related, but fascinating all the same. I hope you are all enjoying your crafting, and anything else that is keeping you busy!

4 comments on “A proper tatted bookmark

  1. oohhh.. this is such lovely bookmark.. I see you are doing well with tatting.. and thank you for the many gorgeous photo shots.. they are great pictures.. thank you for sharing..

  2. LOL! I hadn’t thought of keeping it for myself! Most of the books I read are on my Kindle, as it’s much easier to take to The Gambia, but I do have a a couple of bookmarks for when I read ‘real’ books. Perhaps I will keep it then. 😉 I’m glad you liked the sunflower photo. I was really pleased with how well it came out.

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