My latest tatting project: completed but not yet finished.

I have finished tatting my chair back! Despite a couple of set-backs which held me up a bit, I have finally managed to get all the motifs tatted and joined together. It’s the largest project I have done to date, and I have to say I’m very pleased with how it has turned out.

The last time I put up a photo, the chair back looked like this:

Tatted chair back in progress

Tatted chair back in progress

The chair back has three motifs: A larger one…

The larger motif

The larger motif

A smaller one …

The smaller motif

The smaller motif

And a tiny one which goes around the edge…

And the tiny motif...

And the tiny motif…

And when they are fitted together, this is how they look:

All joined together

All joined together

I had planned to make two of these, but in fact I only just had enough of the green thread to complete one, with a little left over for another small project, so instead of a chair back, I think this will have to be a square doily instead. I might have a go at some chair backs with the larger balls of white and cream thread I have, but I have some other things on the go at the moment, so they will have to wait.

I wrote before about how difficult it is to block and iron things here. We have no mains electricity, so we have to use a charcoal iron. However, I must make an effort with this, as it would definitely look better if I finished it off properly. I managed to buy some starch in the local market, and I can try ironing with the mat under a cloth, but I am not quite sure how to approach pinning it out. I will probably have to judge it by eye, as I haven’t got any kind of grid to use – but I might see if I have some patterned fabric that I could use as a rough guide. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I will update you when I’ve finished this little mat off properly. Meanwhile, if you want to have a go at it yourself, you can find the pattern on Tat-A-Renda.

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