A visual meditation on the theme of ‘Stillness’.

At last I’ve managed to finish the project I have been working on over the last couple of weeks, and I can now explain all about it.

In summer 2013 I visited a flower festival at my local Parish church, and whilst wandering around the beautiful historic church, I entered a small chapel where there were many candles burning. There was a small notice explaining that although lighting a candle in itself was not necessarily significant, it acted as a ‘visual prayer’ – a reminder of prayer.

My little biscornu based on the theme of stillness

As a practising Christian, this idea sowed a small seed in my mind, and I began to consider how a small crafted item could serve as a visual prompt for prayer or meditation. I felt some people may value a subtle visual prompt for prayer or meditation – for example, an overtly religious symbol may not be appropriate in the workplace. When I was a busy headteacher, I often tried to pause for a moment’s reflection during the day, but sometimes I forgot in the rush of things to do, and a small visual reminder on my desk would have been helpful.

Over the months I have jotted down all sorts of ideas for inspiration, and I’m hoping this will develop into a series of items that can be used as ‘visual prompts’, although of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to represent Christian symbolism. It may remind people of something else, or some may just like the design and not want to attach any particular spiritual significance to it.

The theme of this first biscornu is ‘Stillness’, inspired by Psalm 46 verse 10: ‘Be still and know that I am God’. It reminds me to pause and remember this occasionally in the busy rush of everyday life. And it makes a beautiful ornament to display too! I deliberately chose cool colours and a blend of stitches and threads to reflect a calm feeling.

A corner detail

A corner detail

If you are interested in stitching this design, the pattern is available from my Etsy shop.

9 comments on “A visual meditation on the theme of ‘Stillness’.

  1. Beautiful! lots of work has gone into this and I just love the beading, love things with beads on. it looks so lovely 🙂

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