A couple of false starts

Yesterday I realised with a shock that it’s been over a month since I last posted. There have been several reasons for this, but it’s mainly because I had a couple of false starts with projects, which has slowed me down this last month.

I have made quite a few projects using my ‘fairly-newly-acquired’ tatting skills, so I thought it was time I attempted something a bit more ambitious. So I decided to have a go at tatting some lovely baby booties for one of our neighbours who had just had a baby. Having scoured the internet, I found a beautiful pattern on the Shuttlebirds blog that was first published many years ago, but has been updated to make it easier for beginners to follow. It’s a great pattern, with lots of photos, so I felt fairly confident. I had brought a large ball of cream thread with me, so I got my shuttle out and set to work.

If I had been in the UK, I would have printed out the pattern to follow, but as we have no mains electricity here, I don’t have a printer for my laptop. When I need something printed, I have to transfer it onto memory stick and take it to a print shop in Brikama (about 25km away) to be printed. Actually, the term ‘print shop’ could give you the wrong impression! In Brikama there are many ‘print shops’, but they are really small booths with a person, a computer and a printer, and not much else! We were not due to go to Brikama for another week or so, and (like most crafters I suspect), when I get an idea for a project I want to start NOW! So I decided to copy the instructions into my notebook instead.

Maybe I didn’t copy things correctly, or maybe I just got in a muddle (or maybe both), but when I finished the first bootie, I realised that I had gone wrong somewhere, and it was a bit lopsided. If you look at the original pattern, you will see why I probably got a bit muddled. Of course, what I should have done was to take it out and try again, but I thought it didn’t look too bad, so I carried on and tatted the second bootie, trying to make it look the same as the first. When I had finished, I then had two lopsided booties. Although I think they look very pretty, they aren’t much practical use. I rarely abandon a project, but I had to admit defeat on this one, as I couldn’t face doing two booties all over again!

Two pretty but lopsided booties!

Two pretty but lopsided booties!

Meanwhile, I saw a great post about some crocheted dishcloths (I can’t remember where I saw it now), and I decided to crochet some pot holders to protect my hands when moving hot pots. When we (finally) went to Brikama, I searched the market, and finally found a small stall selling wool, so I chose a lovely bright green, rummaged until I found my crochet hooks, and got going.

I haven’t crocheted for years, but I really enjoyed making my first pot holder, and I was pleased with the result, although I plan to add an embellishment or two to pretty it up a bit.

A rather plain pot holder

A rather plain pot holder

I started the second, but as I got about half way through, I realised I had not counted the stitches correctly, and the second one did not match the first. I expect this happened when I was chatting to someone. However, I had learned my lesson, and this time I took out the second one and started again, and I’m now about half way through.

So you can see why I haven’t had a lot to post over the last few weeks. Now I am working on a tatted bookmark, which I’m very pleased with, so I will tell you all about that next time.

PS: As the final insult, I wrote all this up yesterday, ready to post today, but when I looked for it this morning I couldn’t find where I had saved it – I think I might have overwritten it by mistake! Aargh!

4 comments on “A couple of false starts

    • I have been thinking about that, because it would be a shame not to use them. I’ve been wondering whether I could starch them well, and then perhaps display them in a box frame? That might be another way to give them as a gift.

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