Another tatted bookmark

Even though many people now use a Kindle, I still think that an ‘old-fashioned’ bookmark makes a lovely present for someone you love, and I don’t think real books will ever die out. Recently I decided I would have a go at designing my own bookmark as a present for someone special.

I have tatted quite a lot of motifs, so I experimented a bit, and came up with a design for a square motif that I thought could join together well to make a bookmark. I liked the idea of tatting this with a dark colour, so I chose a navy blue thread and got started.

My tatted bookmark

My tatted bookmark

I found it was fairly quick to tat, and when I could give it my full attention I got on well, but I did sometimes find that when I was with others, sometimes I got chatting and lost my place!

Once I had tatted four motifs, I added a twisted chain, and then a final motif at the end. It’s not yet been blocked, but I am very pleased with it, and I think when it’s completely finished it will look great.

A closer view of the motif

A closer view of the motif

But now another biscornu is calling me, so I am putting my shuttle away for a few days, and getting started on that. More about the biscornu next time!

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