Another biscornu

At last my latest biscornu is ready to be shared! It’s another of my ‘Visual meditation’ series that I wrote about in my post ‘A Visual meditation on the theme of Stillness‘, so if you want to know my thinking behind this series, do take a look.

The theme of this biscornu is ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’, inspired by Psalm 139 verses 14 – 15: ‘I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. It’s a reminder that each one of us is unique and special to God, and that God knew us from the moment we were conceived. It celebrates the wonder of the human body and the design is based on the DNA strand. Of course, you may find it reminds you of something completely different. The symbolism is not necessarily Christian; it could relate to any aspect of spirituality, or you may just like the design. It does look a little Celtic, rather like Celtic knotwork.

The finished biscornu

The finished biscornu

Naturally, it has beads on it – I can hardly imagine designing a biscornu without beads! And I did find adapting the DNA helix a bit of a challenge as I was working on such a small scale, and I tried several options. But in the end I decided to stop stressing and keep things fairly simple, and I’m pleased with the result. I also added some little beaded tassels at each corner, again representing DNA strands.

The design is based on the DNA helix

The design is based on the DNA helix

This biscornu is going to be a present for someone special, who I think will appreciate the significance of the inspiration behind it. But I have put the pattern in my Etsy shop Stitches ‘N’ Dreams, if you want to have a go at stitching it yourself.

I’ve still got a few more in mind to add to this series, but I’ve also got a lot of other projects in mind (haven’t we all?!), so I will probably do a couple of different things before designing my next one.

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