Tooth Fairy Pillow finished!

Firstly, if you’ve arrived here looking for the Happy Spring 2014 Blog Hop, just click the link and you will find my post. However, this post is all about the Tooth Fairy Pillow I have been making for my granddaughter.

I first wrote about it here, and I’ve been beavering away at it ever since (although I did take a short break to make my give-away biscornu for the blog hop!). I love the look of even-weave, and I also love the feel of it when I’m working, but I think old age must be catching up with me, because I can only manage now in very good light.

Fortunately, in The Gambia, the weather at this time of year is always good enough to sit outside, so most afternoons you will find me under the trees listening to the BBC World Service, drinking green mint teat, and stitching. But because we rely on solar power, our home lights are strong enough to see, but not strong enough for me to stitch by. I have plans to buy a solar desk lamp when I’m in the UK this summer, which may solve the problem, but meanwhile I can’t work in the evenings.

When my own children were small, I saw a pattern for a patchwork advent calender, featuring 24 children in bed with little stocking for holding each advent gift. I spent an entire weekend working every waking moment (into the early hours) to finish it in time for December 1st, and the children loved it. When they outgrew it, I used to take it into school, but I gave it to my son once my grandchildren arrived, and now they love it too. I really like the idea of making heirloom gifts that can be kept and passed down through the generations, and I’m hoping this Tooth Fairy Pillow will be just such a gift.

It was easy to stitch, and I really enjoyed making it.

The pillow with a teddy and a little note

The pillow with a teddy and a little note

A close-up of the quilt

A close-up of the quilt

The pattern called for a little length of lace to trim the pillow, but I didn’t have any, and then I had a flash of inspiration, and decided to tat a simple edging instead.

A simple tatted edging

A simple tatted edging

So now the pillow is finished, well in time for my granddaughter’s birthday in May.

The finished Tooth Fairy Pillow

The finished Tooth Fairy Pillow

I am also planning to make her a dress (last year I made her a traditional smocked dress), so I am collecting patterns on my Pinterest board ready for when I get back to the UK in a couple of weeks time. Meanwhile, I have made a start on another small project, which I will tell you about next time.

Hope you are enjoying your stitching!


15 comments on “Tooth Fairy Pillow finished!

  1. Aww this is lovely! It must be so precious to have things to pass down the generations! I hope that I can make some lovely items like this when I have a family in the future! I’m sure it will be well loved by many generations to come 🙂

    • Thanks Hannah. I am sure you will be able to create loads of ‘heirlooms’. My mum has a whole stash of things I’ve made over the years – I think she might run out of space soon!

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