Spring Blog-hop Giveaway result

As part of the Happy Spring 2014 Blog-hop I offered a little spring biscornu that I had designed and stitched as a give-away, and today I made the random draw for the winner.

Inspired by spring daffodils

Inspired by spring daffodils


The entrants were:

  1. Claire93
  2. Debbierose
  3. Wisher
  4. UKCitycrafter
  5. Hannah Ackroyd
  6. Rainbowjunkiecorner
  7. Knittingwithheart
  8. Stephanie Jenkins
  9. Lin Tarrant
  10. BuntyW
  11. Lyn Kaufman

I am pleased to say that the winner is…..

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 18.18.58

No. 8 – Stephanie Jenkins.

Congratulations Stephanie! If you would like to contact me and let me have your postal address, I will get the biscornu posted to you as soon as possible after I get back to the UK on 9 May.

Thank you so much to everyone how left such lovely comments on my post. If you took part in the blog-hop you will know what great entries there were, and I hope you enjoyed reading what everyone had to say about spring – I found it fascinating. And of course, thanks to Angela at Pretty Little Things in a Box for organising the whole event.

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