A trio of counted thread bookmarks

I’ve been on a bit of a counted thread spree recently. I love counted thread, and I haven’t done any for a while, but I decided to add some stitches into my last biscornu, and that gave me the inspiration to try doing some more.

Victoria Sampler has a wonderful collection of free patterns. I often turn to them when I want something small but beautiful to stitch, and I was really delighted with this ‘Friends Count‘ bookmark. In the end, I stitched three of them – each slightly different (although there I did make one ‘deliberate’ mistake!).

These are already earmarked for good and loving homes with my friends, but I think I may need to have a try at designing some counted thread projects of my own – perhaps a biscornu or two, or my own bookmarks. So here are a few photos with some close-up detail:

Counted thread bookmark

Counted thread bookmark

Counted thread bookmark

Counted thread bookmark

Counted thread bookmark

Counted thread bookmark

Tomorrow I am heading back to the UK for the summer, but I will still be crafting! Fortunately I have a 30kg weight allowance, and one whole suitcase is taken up with my crafting bits and pieces – fabric, threads, beads, tatting shuttles, crochet hooks and much more. I always think I should leave some behind, but I know that when I start a project, the very item I need will be sitting six thousand miles away! So I can’t bear to leave wnything behind. My husband has given up trying to make sense of it, and just looks rather bemused when I start packing or unpacking! I suppose it’s made me think a bit more carefully about what I do use, as when I’m in The Gambia I can’t just rush out and buy or order new supplies, but I do have a mental list of things needing to be replenished whilst I’m in the UK.

Do you take crafting things on holiday with you? What do you think are the essentials without which you couldn’t even contemplate going away?







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