Another Blackwork Knot Garden Biscornu

In my Etsy shop (also called Stitches ‘N’ Dreams), I sell charts of the biscornu that I design. I have always loved crafting, and ever since I took up stitching about 25 years ago, I’ve never been without at least one project one the go. So I thought I would have a go at selling my designs on Etsy. I’ve had a few sales, which is lovely, but even if I didn’t sell anything, I would still be stitching, and especially stitching biscornu!

However, I have been keeping an eye on which designs people seem to like the best, and there’s no doubt that my Knot Garden Biscornu is definitely the favourite. Regular readers will know that I love blackwork and beads, so I really didn’t need any more incentive to get designing another biscornu, also based on the formal outlines of a Tudor knot garden

So here is my latest design

Blackwork Knot Garden Biscornu

I have to say this took me quite a while to stitch, as it’s fairly intricate.

Blackwork Knot Garden Biscornu

Blackwork Knot Garden Biscornu

This time I started without charting it first and made it up as I went along, which meant a couple of false starts and having to unpick some stitching at times. But I am really pleased with the way it’s turned out.

Incidentally, people here in The Gambia are often fascinated when they see me stitching. We often get delayed waiting around for things, such as waiting for the fishing boats to come in so we can buy fish, or waiting at the mechanics while they fix the car (again!), so I’ve learned to carry my stitching or tatting with me at all times. Both the men and women will often sidle up for a closer look, and of course, I’m always happy to show them. They find it harder to understand the idea of stitching something just as a decoration, because most of them live from hand to mouth and can only afford the bare necessities of life – even their houses have very little in the way of furniture. So I find it easiest to say that I’m stitching them as a gift, which is true, because most of my biscornu get given away eventually.

I have already started working a new little project – a blackwork Christmas ornament, but meanwhile, if you do want to have a go at stitching this design, you can find the pattern and full instructions ready for immediate downloading at my Stitches ‘N’ Dreams Etsy store.

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