A little blackwork bookmark: Free pattern

Firstly, a rather belated Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2015 brings you everything you are wishing for and of course, I also wish everyone a very productive crafting year. I have really enjoyed looking at some of your blogs, especially those which have a review of all your makes throughout 2014. I haven’t had time to do this myself, but I am determined this year to try and keep a better record of my makes in 2015 – I do tend to forget about this as the year goes on!

I don’t know about you, but I find that almost all my craft creations get given away to other people as presents. I am quite happy about this, as I love giving hand-made gifts to those who really appreciate them; it’s always nice to give something a bit special, isn’t it? But occasionally I do make something which I decide to keep for myself.And recently I did just that.

I know opinions are divided about whether you should read ‘real’ books or electronic ones, but I have had an e-reader for a long time and I do love it. Of course, it’s especially useful here in The Gambia, as I read a lot and I don’t want to be transporting books backwards and forwards from the UK all the time. But we also have a very interesting library of books here, which has been built up over many years by visitors and friends donating book, and some of them are out of print now which makes it even more interesting. I have begun slowly working my way through a large pile of books, but I realised that I needed a bookmark. And what better way than to design and make my own?

So a have created a little blackwork bookmark for me to use and here it is…

Blackwork bookmark

Blackwork bookmark

Blackwork bookmark

I had intended to put the chart up as a little Christmas freebie, but time escaped me yet again, and now it will have to be a rather belated New Year present, but I hope you like it. Here is the link:  Blackwork bookmark chart. If you decide to stitch it, you should know that the border is stitched in Nun’s stitch, which is a form of double backstitch. There’s a good tutorial on the American Needlepoint Guild website and it’s quite easy to stitch. Once you’ve completed the border you remove the excess threads and cut the bookmark next to the stitching (taking care not to cut the stitches themselves of course!). I have left a longer fringe at the bottom edge.

I am pleased with this little design, so I’m now thinking I may try designing a few more bookmarks – they are always great as gifts, because I don’t think electronic readers will ever totally replace books! I’ve signed up to take part in the Smalls SAL 2015 event organised by Stitching Lotus and I think this will be my first entry. If you like small stitching, why not pop over to Stitching Lotus and sign up as well – the more the merrier! 

14 comments on “A little blackwork bookmark: Free pattern

    • LOL! I didn’t realise it when I was stitching it, but it is a kind of mini sampler. I think I will have to try a few different ‘sampler’ designs – its was such fun to stitch. 🙂

    • Thank you! I think you will really enjoy blackwork – it’s not as tricky as it looks. I also read books on my Kindle and ‘real’ books – I always have at least two on the go at once. 🙂

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