Where do you Keep Your Crafting Stash?

Where do you keep your crafting stash? In a box? In different bags? Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have a whole room to organise your crafting bits and pieces? At one time I had a whole alcove fitted with shelves to keep all my many crafting accessories, which made it very easy to find what I needed quickly. But now life has got more complicated. I now spend 7-8 months of the year in The Gambia and the remaining time in the UK, so I need to be much more organised.

When I packed up my things to rent my house, I had to make some hard decisions about which craft items to keep and which to get rid of, as I knew I wouldn’t have space at my mum’s house (where I stay when I’m in the UK), to keep everything. I gave quite a lot away to friends, sold some on eBay, and sent a couple of things ot the charity shop (including a tatting shuttle – what was I thinking?!). All my papercraft accessories I put into a set of plastic drawers, which now lives at my mum’s house. My needlecraft stuff went into several carrier bags in an attempt to be organised so I didn’t lose things.

Last time I came to Gambia I had a 30kg weight limit, so I packed one entire suitcase with needlecraft supplies, and that became my stash whilst I was here. But now the company I fly with has changed their carrier, and this time I only had a 20kg allowance, so I had to get everything into one suitcase. Since I’ve been here, I’ve just kept everything in carrier bags in my suitcase, but a couple of weeks ago I had a brainwave.

Here in Gambia, you can buy metal trunks quite cheaply in the market, so I decided that a small trunk was just what I needed. The next time I went to Brikama I had a look around the market to find one I liked, although they all look pretty similar really. Then came the task of haggling to get a good price. I am getting better at this now, (I used to find ‘bargaining’ with the stallholders very embarrassing!), and I have a better idea of what makes a reasonable offer, and in the end I got a lovely little trunk for D200 (about £3).




The trunk is painted, with some stencilled patterns on it, and it makes the perfect place to store my needlecraft things. So now I have all my crafting things in one place, which means I don’t have to spend ages rummaging through my suitcases to find what I need. And I also have a lovely trunk to look at.

4 comments on “Where do you Keep Your Crafting Stash?

  1. That’s a very cute box that you found 🙂 My stash is scattered throughout the house, beads, ribbons and aida in a wicker dresser, patterns on a bookshelf, plastic totes in a closet… it makes me shudder to think of having to give some of it up!

    • LOL! It wasn’t easy reducing my stash, but to be honest most of it was for crafts I don’t do any more, like rubber stamping. I gave quite a lot to a very good friend so I know it went to a ‘good home’! 🙂

  2. You’ve had to be very disciplined to reduce your stash to one trunk, not sure I could that! My stash is either in my dining room – I try to keep it out of sight but it does tend to spill out from its cupboard or in a drawer in my bedroom.

    • I should have said I still have some crafting things at my mum’s house in the UK (e.g. all my papercraft stuff). It would be too heavy to bring all that on a plane! And I think crafting things do have a tendency to ‘migrate’ from their storage! 🙂

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