Traditional smocked dress

When my children were small I made a lot of their clothes, and I especially enjoyed traditional smocking, so I decided to make a smocked dress for my granddaughter. I scoured the internet for a suitable pattern, and then took a trip into town to buy everything I needed. I hadn’t done smocking or dressmaking for a long time, so I had a few false starts when I was making the dress, which was all very frustrating. However, I was delighted with the result.

Here is the front of the dress when I had finished the smocking.


Stitching the front of the dress to the yoke took me three attempts (!) because of the piping detail – very fiddly!


Here is a view of the finished dress.

IMG_5918 copy

And a close-up of the smocking…

IMG_5919 copy

And here is my granddaughter modelling the dress. 🙂

A traditional smocked dress

The back view

IMG_5916 copy

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