A trio of counted thread bookmarks

I’ve been on a bit of a counted thread spree recently. I love counted thread, and I haven’t done any for a while, but I decided to add some stitches into my last biscornu, and that gave me the inspiration to try doing some more.

Victoria Sampler has a wonderful collection of free patterns. I often turn to them when I want something small but beautiful to stitch, and I was really delighted with this ‘Friends Count‘ bookmark. In the end, I stitched three of them – each slightly different (although there I did make one ‘deliberate’ mistake!).



Tooth Fairy Pillow finished!

Firstly, if you’ve arrived here looking for the Happy Spring 2014 Blog Hop, just click the link and you will find my post. However, this post is all about the Tooth Fairy Pillow I have been making for my granddaughter.

I first wrote about it here, and I’ve been beavering away at it ever since (although I did take a short break to make my give-away biscornu for the blog hop!). I love the look of even-weave, and I also love the feel of it when I’m working, but I think old age must be catching up with me, because I can only manage now in very good light.


Spring is in the air

Welcome to ‘Stitches ‘N’ Dreams’! Thank you for hopping here from Handmade by Hannah, and I hope you enjoy my post, as well as all the others in this ‘Happy Spring 2014 Blog Hop. If you just arrived here and didn’t know about the blog hop, you can start at the beginning on ‘Pretty Little Things in a Box’. The blog hop is due to start on 19 April.

I love the spring! I am not a winter person, and as soon as Christmas is over I am looking for the first snowdrops poking their heads through the soil, and the first spring lambs in the fields. I love the spring bulbs with their vibrant colours, and I always get excited when I see the first baby leaves popping out.


Another biscornu

At last my latest biscornu is ready to be shared! It’s another of my ‘Visual meditation’ series that I wrote about in my post ‘A Visual meditation on the theme of Stillness‘, so if you want to know my thinking behind this series, do take a look.

The theme of this biscornu is ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’, inspired by Psalm 139 verses 14 – 15: ‘I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made’. It’s a reminder that each one of us is unique and special to God, and that God knew us from the moment we were conceived. It celebrates the wonder of the human body and the design is based on the DNA strand. Of course, you may find it reminds you of something completely different. The symbolism is not necessarily Christian; it could relate to any aspect of spirituality, or you may just like the design. It does look a little Celtic, rather like Celtic knotwork.


With a little bit of this and a little bit of that…

This I’ve tried to make a little time every afternoon for stitching, as I tend to try and get work each morning on the ‘day’ job. One of the loveliest things about being in The Gambia is the beautiful weather, with temperatures around 30 degrees and a cooling sea breeze, so sitting under the trees with my stitching, whilst visitors drop in for a chat and my husband brews ‘ataya’ (green mint tea) is sheer pleasure.


Life doesn’t always go to plan, does it?

Yes! I know, I know! In my last post I said that a biscornu is calling me, and that I would be telling you all about next time. But, if you are a crafter, you will know that life doesn’t always go to plan, and although I have made a start on my biscornu, (and I promise I will tell you about it soon!), another project has sneaked its way in.


Another tatted bookmark

Even though many people now use a Kindle, I still think that an ‘old-fashioned’ bookmark makes a lovely present for someone you love, and I don’t think real books will ever die out. Recently I decided I would have a go at designing my own bookmark as a present for someone special.

I have tatted quite a lot of motifs, so I experimented a bit, and came up with a design for a square motif that I thought could join together well to make a bookmark. I liked the idea of tatting this with a dark colour, so I chose a navy blue thread and got started.


A blog hop and a SAL

Yay! Yesterday I had an email from my friend Angela at Pretty Little Things in a Box, asking me to join in with a Happy Spring Blog Hop she is organising. I have never taken part in a blog hop, as my internet access is limited when I’m in The Gambia, and I’m reliant on solar power to keep my laptop charged, both of which sometimes make it heard to get online whenever I want. But I decided this time I would take part, as it sounds really interesting.


A couple of false starts

Yesterday I realised with a shock that it’s been over a month since I last posted. There have been several reasons for this, but it’s mainly because I had a couple of false starts with projects, which has slowed me down this last month.

I have made quite a few projects using my ‘fairly-newly-acquired’ tatting skills, so I thought it was time I attempted something a bit more ambitious. So I decided to have a go at tatting some lovely baby booties for one of our neighbours who had just had a baby. Having scoured the internet, I found a beautiful pattern on the Shuttlebirds blog that was first published many years ago, but has been updated to make it easier for beginners to follow. It’s a great pattern, with lots of photos, so I felt fairly confident. I had brought a large ball of cream thread with me, so I got my shuttle out and set to work.