With a little bit of this and a little bit of that…

This I’ve tried to make a little time every afternoon for stitching, as I tend to try and get work each morning on the ‘day’ job. One of the loveliest things about being in The Gambia is the beautiful weather, with temperatures around 30 degrees and a cooling sea breeze, so sitting under the trees with my stitching, whilst visitors drop in for a chat and my husband brews ‘ataya’ (green mint tea) is sheer pleasure.



Handmade cards (mostly stitched)

Cross stitched card 01

Over the years I’ve given my friend and family a lots of hand-made gifts, and especially cards. I’ve given a lot of cross-stitched cards. Some of them were ‘freebies’ from cross stitch magazines that I used to get – I can’t afford them now as they are so expensive, but I always enjoyed making them.  My mum has kept everything I have ever given her, and since I haven’t got anything new to show you just now, I thought I would show you some of my old cards instead. Some of them are over fifteen years old, which you can probably tell if you look closely! The card above was a lovely little project, and I loved the free printed card that came with it.


IMG_5947 copy

This cross stitched card of autumn leaves was given to my dad for his birthday.

Cross stitched card 03

This jolly seaside card reminded me of the summer holidays by the sae when I was a child.

Cross stitched card 04

This card was stitched on evenweave – almost the first time I had ever worked on evenweave.

Cross stitched card 05

Another birthday card for my dad.

Needlepoint card

This lovely card used some different needlepoint stitches

Hardanger card

My very first attempt at hardanger, and I am still hooked!

Beadwork card

A beadwork card – I am still hooked on beadwork too.

IMG_5945 copy

This Christmas card was made with folded fabric – rather like a tulip pattern.

Stamped mandala Christmas card

Stamped mandala Christmas card 02

I made over 70 of these mandala Christmas cards! I had to stamp three images for each card, then colour them, and cut sections of the design out rather like decoupage. I used sticky pads to lift the layers up, and added a little jewel in the centre. I started in October, and I loved doing them, but it did take a long time!

I’m sure there are a few more of my cards and gifts around, so I’ll see how many other I can find to show you. It would be great to see cards or gifts you’ve made.

80th birthday biscornu

Over the years I have given quite a lot of hand-made presents to may family, but an 80th birthday is rather special! Earlier this year my mother celebrated her 80th birthday, so I wanted to design something rather special for her as a memento. So I set to work creating a biscornu worthy of the occasion, and after a few false starts, this was the finished result…


I was really pleased with how it turned out. I used a combination of stitches, including some cross stitch, needlepoint and hardanger. I also used crystal white seed beads and bugle beads for some added sparkle. The finishing touch was a tiny ‘Hand-made with love’ charm which I stitched to the  front.

 IMG_5729 copy 2

I always enjoy making gifts for my family, but I was especially pleased with this biscornu.

Starting out!

I have started this blog so that I can share my various craft projects, and hopefully learn about the projects other people are working on, so I hope you will leave a comment or write something about your current project. I will start by putting up a few projects that I have already completed , but eventually I will add current projects too. Like many crafters, I always have several projects on the go at any one time, but I am especially fond of miniature needlecraft such as biscornu and stitched cards. However, from time to time, I tackle a larger project such as a birth or anniversary sampler, or larger cross-stitched picture. I also enjoy dress-making, card making (using my own photos), and silk painting. I would love to know what you like working on, and how you get on with all your various craft activities.