Snow in The Gambia?

As this post combines my life in The Gambia with some crafting things, I’m posting on both my blogs, as it seems to be relevant to both!

It does seem strange to be celebrating Christmas in temperatures of 30 degrees and (mainly) sunshine! I suppose my memories of Christmas things are always surrounded by the chill of a British winter, and even though a white Christmas is a rarity, it doesn’t seem quite right to be thinking of carols, snow and robins when it feels more like summer.

Although Gambia is mainly Muslim, Christmas is celebrated here, and Christians will prepare special food, get together with family, and generally have a good time. However, it’s much more low key than in the UK, and there’s no decorating of houses or giving presents – most people have little money to spend on extras like that. There are Christmas carols on the radio from time to time, and I remember last year listening to a children’s nativity on the radio, when youngsters read out relevant Bible passages and carols were sung, which was lovely.