Works in Progress

I’m sure there isn’t a crafter on the planet who hasn’t got several projects on the go at the same time! I am no exception, and so I thought I would share the various items that are Works in Progress (WIPs). Perhaps it will serve as a list of things to do, but I having retired from a job where deadlines were everything, I am refusing to put pressure on myself to get things finished. Instead, I want to enjoy what I am working one, and if I feel the need to take a break and focus on somethings else, I will. Of course, that ought to mean resisting the urge to start new projects, but I know myself too well! I suspect there will be additions to this page as I go along, but hopefully also some things which get transferred to my ‘Completed 2014’ page too.

8 April 2014

I love stitching gifts for my friends and family, so I am currently stitching a lovely Tooth Fairy Pillow for my granddaughter. I found the pattern in an old Jo Verso book, published in 1995, called ‘Cross stitch Gifts for Children’, that I’ve had for many years, and I’m pleased with how it’s going.


A beautiful little tooth fairy pillow!

A beautiful little tooth fairy pillow!

If you want to follow my progress, you can read about it here and here.


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